Street Photography Workshops & Experiences

Hi, I’m Matt, a Street Photographer & Educator based in the cultural mixing pot that is London (UK). I design and run immersive street photography workshops across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

For the past decade, Street Photography has been my passion. An art form that documents humanity in its rich and diverse range, which trains you to see the world in a more beautiful and fascinating light. It has made my life richer in many ways, which is why I want to share it with you.

On my workshops, through a mix of theory, practical assignments and critique, you will learn the craft of street photography and the ability to see and capture the extraordinary in the everyday. I will also help you overcome any fears of shooting in public and teach you how to do street with respect for your subjects. My multi-day workshops will immerse you in the culture, creating a unique experience you will never forget.

What is Street Photography?

Street photography at its essence means candid photography of humanity.

There are quite a few definitions of street photography out there, but this is my favourite because it best reflects my relationship with the art form – seeing more and connecting more with the world around me.

Street photography is also about discovering magic in the everyday. If you look at most visually impactful street images, they were taken in very ordinary scenes; where the majority of people see nothing special, the street photographer has spotted magic.

To qualify as street photography, a photo needs to be candid, to include people or a human element and be taken in a public space. While street photography can seem intimidating, a big focus of my workshops is on overcoming the fear of shooting in public and photographing subjects with respect.

Upcoming Street Photography Workshops

Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan SOLD OUT

7 Days

20th-26th March 2025

Kathmandu, Nepal 1 PLACE LEFT

7 Days

9th-15th of March 2025

Lisbon, Portugal

3 Days
21st-23rd of October 2024

London, UK

1 Day
New September Dates

Dublin, Ireland

1 Day
28th of August 2024

"Matt creates a great feel-good atmosphere with his patient and humorous manner, which makes learning easier and his honest criticism was constructive at all times" - Nadine Lotze

What to expect from a Street with Matt workshop?

1. See More

Gain a foundation in street photography and put into practice the techniques that will train your eye to see more of the world around you. With or without a camera, seeing more makes every day a richer experience.

2. Connect More

Learn an approach that allows you to overcome any fears of shooting in public, photograph subjects with respect and connect more with the people and environment around you.

3. Create Amazing Images

Experience the joy of capturing magic within the ordinary. Through 1-2-1’s with Matt on the street and critique, learn how to take impactful photos in seemingly ordinary scenes, while discovering your own voice in this art form.

Multiday Street Photography Experiences

Building on what you can expect from my 1-day workshops (above), these multi-day experiences go a lot further in helping you to develop your own voice and street photography style, as we explore in greater depth a fascinating city and culture.

Not only does street photography give you the ability to see more beauty in the everyday, but it also serves as a great ice-breaker to connect with the people around you. I’ve lost track of the number of fascinating conversions I’ve had which began with someone’s curiosity about me and my camera. From chats about life in communist Cuba over intensly strong coffee, to a story of fleeing the country from Pablo Escobar’s hit squads over beers in Jardin, Colombia.

"My brain felt challenged in the best of ways and it was also such a good way to face my fears in a kind and open safe space" - Ana Luisa

Street Photography Galleries

[All Photos by Matt]

"Even as a seasoned photographer, I felt refreshed and left itching to apply what I had learned in my future photography (both for weddings and street photography)." - Soven Amatya

Types of Street With Matt Workshops & Experiences

£160-200 GBP

A foundation in street photography with a mix of theory and practical assignments. Perfect if you’re trying street photography for the first time or those looking to reboot their passion for the art form.

Locations & Dates

£450 GBP

An immersive mini street photography adventure. A chance to really dive into the craft of street photography and tell the story of your adventure through impactful images. All levels welcome.

Locations & Dates

£1,400 GBP

An intensive street photography experience in an incredible location. An opportunity to immersive yourself in the culture and find your own photography voice. All levels welcome.

Locations & Dates

FAQs For Street with Matt Workshops

What is included in the workshop price?

  • Myself as an instructor with over a decade of experience photographing street photography around the world, across 5 different continents.
  • Several 1-2-1 mentoring and critique sessions with me during the workshop.
  • A chance to meet and share experiences with light-minded interesting people.

You will be responsible for paying for your own expenses (travel, accommodation, meals etc).

How many people will be on each workshop?

All my workshops are limited to 6 attendees. The smaller number allows us to blend in more with our environment on the streets when we’ve got our cameras out. It also allows me to target the content more towards your ability, especially during the 1-2-1s.

What gear do you recommend for street photography?

When it comes to gear with street photography, less is generally more. So I always recommend one body and one prime lens. It’s also good to have a relatively wide lens. Personally, I always shoot with a 35mm or 28mm prime lens (full frame). The quality of the lens isn’t as important. You can even do street with your smartphone’s camera.

What if I have to cancel?

Any payments made towards the workshop are non-refundable. However, if we are able to find a replacement for your spot, then you will receive a full refund (minus any charge fees).

Which workshop is right for me given my skill level?

My workshops are great for all skill levels. With only 6 people per workshop, you will receive a significant amount of 1-2-1 time with me. The only requirement for attending this workshop is that you are comfortable using the camera you bring to the workshop.